Monday, March 9, 2009

Back from Staple!

Well folks, I am back from Austin. The Staple! con went pretty well. I sold a couple pieces, which covered cost of the table. It's not really a sketch con. But next year I will be more prepared. By then i will have at least one book out, so that should help quite a bit.

I would still consider it a success. I got to meet some really cool people, and also some folks that were interested in me possibly doing work for them. I also got to see some people that I don't get to see enough. Hats off to Evan Bryce, Jake Ekiss, Vinh-Luan, Joe Eisma, Paul Milligan, Dave Hopkins, Kristian Donaldson, Nick Derrington, and Paul Benjamin. All of who are great talents.

The live art show after the con was amazing. I always love seeing other people show off the work. Something about seeing a piece of art come from the artist mind to finished work happen right in front of you is really awesome.

I did a couple pieces as well. One of which is a painted work of the Joker. It is up for auction auction on ebay.
Check it out.

Well I will see ya soon, but until then, back to the drawing board.

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