Thursday, April 30, 2009

Character Sketches

HEY HEY HEY! Whats up Dee?

today i wanted to show you guys some character sketches for my new books. I have been playing around with my style a bit. I am making some changes here and there. They are subtle, but i think they are needed.

In this business, you want to have your own "voice". And to do that you have to experiment. Tweak the things that need to be tweaked. And try to make yourself stand out.

I heard it best when someone said something kind of like this. "getting your friends and family to support you and buy your comic is one thing, but asking a total stranger to pay $4 for you book is a different story." There has to be something there, and i think style is part of it. It's what draws the reader to you, or pushes them away. Not everyone's style is for everyone. but if you can find the one the meets the taste of the reader you are trying to grab, then you have one part of the battle. (if that makes any sense.) so anywho. i hope you like the sketches.

See you people soon.


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