Monday, April 13, 2009

Pages Passed On

So a couple of weeks ago, I was asked by an editor at Marvel to do some test pages. I was given a few scripts, and was told to pick a 4-5 pages scene and rock it out. Well that is what i did. I rocked it out to the best of my ability. Unfortunately my ability was not up to "par" at this moment.

At first i was pretty upset. But with the help of some really good friends, who are also in the business, i realized that this is not the end. It is in itself a test. A test to see if i can some back better and stronger.

So off to the drawing board again. I just have to keep getting better. I have made great strides thus far in my work, and i feel i will only get better.

with all that said here are the pages that i did.

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Jake Ekiss said...

Bummer dude. I thought those pages looked mighty fine myself. Your friends are right though, it's all a test. Lose today, win tomorrow or some such. Just keep rolling with it and you'll be fine.