Monday, April 20, 2009

Post Sci-Fi Expo

So the weekend is already over. sitting at a con all weekend really makes the weekend fly by. It was a really good time though. Got to sit with Matt, Evan, Luan, and next to Kristian. The show was a tad slow, but we passed the time by talkin' shop and laughing our butts off. They are all really great guys. And even better for letting me squeeze in at their table since there was a mix up with mine.

These guys make me really jealous. their stuff is all so good. Props to Matt on his new book. and Evans pages are looking amazing. Then Luan did this joker painting yesterday that just made me so mad that i can't paint like that.

Evan let me play with some of his brush pens, which gave me a totally different feel. it aloud me to experiment with some new things. i am going to have to go get me a couple of those.

Also got to do some really fun skethces this weekend. It walways amazes me, the kind of creativity of what people want you to draw. It really can make you stretch your brain.

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