Sunday, November 22, 2009

Done and Done!!!

So ladies and gents. I have just now completed issu#43 of "Grimm Fairy Tales" for Zenescope Entertainment. What a crazy month it has been. You see not only do i draw comics, but i work a full time day job, Dj two to three times a week, and I am also a father. But I did it. 24 pages in 4 weeks. See it can be done.

I have a couple more projects lined up that i will give details to at another time.

The issue should be out in December. I have already seen some of the colored pages, and it should go to print this week. So stay tuned for an official release date.

Well that's enough for now. Time for some uch needed sleep.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grimm Fairy Tales #43

Two more weeks until deadline. That's right, in two weeks, my issue of Grimm Fairy Tales will be finished and off to print. I can say anything about it, or post any artwork yet, but, I will be the pencil artist for Grimm Fairy Tales #43. So make sure you look for it in December and grab an issue. It is a really fun story, and I have had a blast doing it.

Stay tuned. I will post an image or two one the book hits the shelves.