Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1001 Arabian Nights: THe Adventures of Sinbad #11 Preview

Hey folks, with the release of Sinbad #11 from Zenescope coming up in a couple weeks, I thought that I would post a few pages from the book. I hope you guys enjoy, andgo to your local comic shop in a couple weeks and pick up an issue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,

I'm a reader of both Sinbad and Grimm Fairy Tales. When I knew that Sinbad would still continue I was very pleased since I really like that title. When I knew you were the new artist I wasn't so sure I would like the artwork. To be honest I wasn't very impressed with your artwork on Grimm Fairy Tales. But let me tell you that I'm very pleased with this pages of Sinbad. I think you really improved on your artwork and I think these colors suit your artwork very fine (Who's the colorist?). Probably the colors didn't help in the GFT books. So now I can tell you that I'm very happy with your artwork on Sinbad. Congrats man.


Arion said...

Brent I love those pages. They're full of action and intensity. Good work.