Friday, May 14, 2010

Sinbad #11, Corrective Measures & a new drawring.

Hey folks,

just wanted to drop by, and give some news. Currently in the new Previews are two titles that I am attached to. Both Titles are slated for July 2010.

One is the very first book that I ever worked on by Arcana Comics titles "Corrective Measures Vol 2". I Completed this book in August of 2008. Needless to say my art now has made great strides. But it is something that i poured hours of sweat into, and it was a great learning experience.

The second is Sinbad #11 from Zenescope Comics, written by Dan Wickline. I am currently drawing it now, and it is gonna be a fun read with plenty of pretty pictures.

So go to your local shop and have them order a couple of each title :)

Now on to the new piece. This is a Shazam piece that popped into my head about 2a.m. 2 weeks ago. I sat down and started drawing it. Today I finally had a chance to take a break and complete it. Done with 2h pencil then inked with Copic Multi-Liners and Copic markers. Hope you guys like.

You can also purchase this piece or order any commission from me via There are also all of my original pages from the Grimm Fairy Tales books on there as well.

Hope you guys like, and go get the books.